Thursday, May 23, 2013

Universal Fidelity Suffering and Self-Pity....

Suffering, grief, sorrow or Pain
Can't be big or plain?
Quantity's relativity
Is so disdain!!

I looked around and found that there is a bit of suffering in all that is around, wondering about quantifying it. 
I realized that sorrow is just sorrow cannot be quantified. 
Nobodies grief is bigger or smaller than anybodies. 
It simply is!!!

I was dumb struck ascertaining  how we unconsciously or consciously glorify misery. Captivating self assuring thought, all of us feel what we are facing is the ultimate grief. Displaying our batches of victory a way of gathering reassuring words- gratification. We tend to fabricate our efforts sounding victorious gaining self esteem. Learning is lost only stories remain in shared words. Spread with no real meaning plain grape wine-gossip.

A closer Look and I was dismayed at how ordinary seeming people can be battling so extraordinary pain.

There is misery all around so is the opportunity to evolve, grow, but the blind belief, egocentric approach.

 Most people ignore what is so evident universally, available source of growth learning. We have created a society where talking about our pain is looked down upon. Those who are brave enough to say they are battling with something, are thought of as naive, weak, immature and many such adjectives. 

Haunted by cruel memories of a past deed, an impulsive act or anything are treated differently under varied judgments passed secretly.

Humanity ignoring an omnipresent fact- Suffering, it is all around, every body's life is an example. Entire human race has a spiritual eternal learning to take and evolve into better beings. 

This is the meaning of life anyways. Evolution learning reaching higher ground from where we are or were is not possible without grief. All learning is difficult  even the most ordinary skills are learnt with great difficulty. Who then said that learning to live life is going to be any easy.

Does it help in anything, to be so restrained, bordered in sharing melancholy

I wish we mature and create a place where suffering and agony is shared respectfully.

There should be no judgments, right or wrong equations. 

What happens in one person's life is unique to them. Watching somebody Else's life, there simply is not enough view to judge. 

Mutual respect is vital for sharing. 

We must create a sacred world where non is demeaned for their sufferings, none for their wrong or right doing. 

Cause everything is relative to time and a moment alone. After that time is gone the relativity is lost we only arrive at conclusions. A learning evolution spirituality. The plethora of suffering is yet an unsolved mystery, we are pondering to reveal the secrecy.

To conclude here are two of my favorite poets and their poems around this theme:
  1. Sorrow's Uses by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  2. If Grief for Grief can touch thee by Emily Jane Bronte