Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lime- The Flavor Of Life...

Lime is the flavor of life
changes taste dramatically!

Mixed with sweet it's sweet
mixed with salt it's salty
just like the flavors of life
emotions define our being
sad mixed with anything is agony
joy is pestilent, a touch changes everything!

Translucent color,mystic
half revealed-just like life
Symbolizing Vigor in our dreams
changing side scenes- reality
Lime is the flavor of life!

Scent is subtle refreshing
touch is soft ,touch it gently.
Lime is the flavor of life!!

Lime truly is the flavor of life, alone it is sour extreme. I can only dare you to taste.
Mixed with various things it changes taste and is nice refreshing. My favorite flavor is lime.
Bacardi has come up with quite a few but I would always go for my lime :-)